GReddy X Rocket Bunny Ver.2 OMP Rods

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Product Overview

GReddy Performance products is proud to be the exclusived authorized North American distributer for TRA Rocket Bunny Aero Kits.

These kits are world renowned for a reason. It offers some of the most aggressive and functional aerodynamic technology on the market for the best price out there. Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto didn't just throw the Rocket Bunny Kit together when he first designed it. It is made with extremely high tech production methods. Miura uses a 3D laser scanner that gathers information about the original design of the car's outer structure while the light bounces back to the device's numerous sensors. This produces a 3D image of the car that can be altered and modified on Miura's computer in order to get the desired appearance and performance out of his artistic masterpiece.

Once completed and critiqued by Miura, the 3D image is made into reality with a CNC that creates moulds for the FRP aero parts. This ensures extreme precision and quality for his customers that can't be beat. Once the Rocket Bunny Kit is completed, it is quality inspected with only excellence in mind. So you know that you're getting a product that not only has value, but is a part of car culture that will never be forgotten.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review