WASPcam Gideon Action Sports Camcorder (w/LVD display wrist controller)

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Product Overview

Designed for energetic youth, and with affordability in mind (hence the name ‘JAKD’ – Junior and Kids Design), the JAKD edition features everything young, creative minds would expect, but with a few extras... The JAKD cameras offers users HD video recording in 1080p25 or 720p30, and 3MP or 5MP photo quality. An LCD touch-screen offers instant, LIVE viewing while recording video and photos, a 4 x digital zoom goes deeper into the action and a vehicle-approved, Auto-Looping Function enables video to record over itself. A versatile mounting system allows users to mount the JAKD camera to WASPcam and other brands of mounting systems. 

WASPcam: providing opportunities for all ages, skill levels and budgets to PROVE IT! 

• WATERPROOF Down to 98 Feet (30 Meters)
• Records HD Video up to 1080p/25fps
• Up to 5MP Photo Quality
• 4x Digital Zoom
• 2" LCD Touch-Screen
• Auto-Looping Function 

• Waterproof Camera Casing
• Flat Adhesive Mount
• Curved Adhesive Mount
• Bar Mount
• Helmet Mount
• Tripod Mount Adapter
• Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
• USB Cable
• User Manual

Image Quality
Optics: Ultra-Sharp F/ no=2.8, F=3.1mm
Sensor: 5 Megapixel CMOS
View Angle: 135° Wide View Angle
Video Specs
Resolution: 1080p/25fps, 720p/30fps and VGA/30fps
Video Format: .avi
Photo Specs
Megapixels: 5MP / 3MP
Photo Format: .jpeg
Advanced Features
Wi-Fi Built-in: No
White Balance: Auto
Camera Zoom: 4x Digital Zoom
Mono, AAC compression w/ AGCdownload.jpg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review